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Išmanusis skaitiklis SolarEdge MTR-EU3

Išmanusis skaitiklis SolarEdge MTR-EU3

Įprasta kaina €482,79 EUR
Įprasta kaina €482,79 EUR
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  • SolarEdge 3 Phase Inline Meter - a highly accurate import/export, production and consumption metering solution that fits comfortably into standard electrical cabinets.

    Performs export/import, production, and consumption energy readings with 1% accuracy.

    Includes integrated current transformers for faster installations, reduced labor costs, and simplified logistics.

    Easier installations using SolarEdge Home Network to communicate wirelessly with the inverter (RS485 connectivity is optional).

    Supports export/import limitation and SolarEdge Smart Energy applications.

    Integrates smoothly and easily with SolarEdge Smart Energy solutions.

    Enables direct connection of up to 65A per phase, for single and three phase grid connections.

    Quick setup with automatic meter detection by the SolarEdge inverter.

    Intuitive meter configuration and visibility to meter status using the SetApp mobile app.