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Saulės modulis OmnisPower Cortex OP605M60-P4-BF Bifacial

Saulės modulis OmnisPower Cortex OP605M60-P4-BF Bifacial

Įprasta kaina €219,01 EUR
Įprasta kaina €219,01 EUR
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  • Higher efficiency with Bifacial Cells - The leading high efficiency and bifacial solar cells can help to gain up to more than 25% of output power.

    25 Warranty and 25 Years Lifespan - Cortex Bifacial modules can provide 25 Years general warranty and the lifespan of modules can last to more than 25 years which is in leading level of the whole industry.

    High Reliability and Low Power Degradation - Ensured PID resistance through cell process and module material control to help harvest more. Cortex is guaranteed ONLY 0.55% annual power

    degradation in 25 years.

    Durability in Extreme Conditions - Cortex Series modules are passed the tests of salt mist, ammonia and mechanical loads up to 5400pa positive.