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Saulės modulis TrinaSolar Vertex S+ TSM-NEG9R.28 Black Frame 440W

Saulės modulis TrinaSolar Vertex S+ TSM-NEG9R.28 Black Frame 440W

Įprasta kaina €83,49 EUR
Įprasta kaina €83,49 EUR
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  • Vertex+ S - Dual Glass N Type i-TOPCon Module

    Maximize Energy Harvest

    • Up to 25 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty (Please refer to product warranty for details)

    • 1% first-year degradation and 0.4 % annual degradation enabled by N-type technology

    Small in size, bigger on power

    • Generates up to 455 W, 22.0 % module efficiency with high density interconnect technology

    • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection and enhanced reliability

    • Reduces installation cost with higher power bin and efficiency

    Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops

    • Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream inverters, optimizers and mounting systems

    • Perfect size and low weight for easy handling. Optimized transportation cost

    • Flexible installation solutions for system deployment

    Dual-glass Design, High Reliability

    • Excellent fire rating and resistance to harsh environmental conditions

    • 5400 Pa snow load and 4000 Pa wind load (test loads)