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Saulės modulis OmnisPower Cortex OP415M54-P3-BF Bifacial

Saulės modulis OmnisPower Cortex OP415M54-P3-BF Bifacial

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  • Higher Efficiency - the leading high efficiency of solar cells ensures the high output power which making it more sufficient in limited space.

    Warranty Extended Up To 30 Years - Cortex provide 30 years warranty of product materials and workmanship which is leading the whole industry.

    Lower Power Degradation - ensured PID resistance through cell process and module material control to help harvest more. Cortex is guaranteed ONLY 0.5% annual power degradation in 30 years.

    Durability In Extreme Conditions - Cortex is passed the test by salt mist, ammonia and mechanical loads up to 5400pa positive.