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Priedėlis Sofar Ethernet Stick Logger LSE-3 (USB)

Priedėlis Sofar Ethernet Stick Logger LSE-3 (USB)

Įprasta kaina €82,28 EUR
Įprasta kaina €82,28 EUR
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  • Sofar Ethernet Stick Logger LSE-3 (USB) for monitoring single SOFAR inverter generation G3 / HYD 3PH.

    Stick logger supports Ethernet (LAN) communication method. Furthermore, stick logger supports RS485/RS232/RS422/TTL and other serial communication. With the design of multi-cover, it adapts to a vast majority of inverters. By collecting operating status and power generation of inverter, stick logger can run a long-term and efficient monitoring of PV system, which increases work efficiency and reduces management cost significantly. With its extended functions, such as GNSS, power-off reminder, Bluetooth, stick logger enables a qucik configuration at site and an easy plant O&M.

    External indicator lights, ensuring collection status at a glance;

    Plug and play, no extra power supply is required;

    Independent module, protecting internal parts of inverter;

    Waterproof design, resistant to bad weather;

    External design, easy to replace faulty equipment;

    Review data and yields via SOLARMAN Smart at anytime and anywhere;

    Extended function: Power-off reminder;

    Extended function: GNSS.