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Laikiklis Corab System WS-014NB (upto 400W)

Laikiklis Corab System WS-014NB (upto 400W)

Įprasta kaina €62,92 EUR
Įprasta kaina €62,92 EUR
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  • This is one side mounting system kit. Kit includes: 6 middle clamps, 4 end clamps, 10 screws for clamps with spring washers and hammer nuts, 1 front support, 1 rear support, 1 slanted beam, 5 horizontal beams, 9 screws with spring washers and nuts + 18 washers for mounting beams and supports.

    Corab WS-014NB system is a double support photovoltaic construction designed for the assembly of bifacial thin-layer modules. The solution is dedicated for large farm installations. The modules are installed in 4 rows horizontally. Slope angle of the construction is 25 degrees. The method of assembly is by screwing it into the ground with a pile driver. The system is made of extremely resistant to corrosion Magnelis. The use of this material allows for up to 25 years' anti-corrosion coating warranty.

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