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Laikiklis Corab System PB-068

Laikiklis Corab System PB-068

Įprasta kaina €61,71 EUR
Įprasta kaina €61,71 EUR
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  • This is one side mounting system kit. Kit includes: 2 rails, 1 upper fastener, 1 lower fastener, 2 ballast platforms (ballast itself is NOT included), 2 mid clamps, 1 windshield, 5 KLIK nuts for rails, 2 screws for windshields, 5 screws for clamps and upper/lower fasteners.

    Corab PB-068 system is a ballast construction for flat roofs. Slope angle is 15 degrees. It is made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel. It allows modules to be south oriented. The system also includes a windbrace. In order to protect roof from possible damage, special insulation was used. The rows can be joined together.

    Wind shield - Yes