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Laikiklis Corab System B-02 (from 501W upto 600W)

Laikiklis Corab System B-02 (from 501W upto 600W)

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  • This is one side mounting system kit. Suitable only for vertical mounting of solar modules. Kit includes: 2 clamps, 2 screws for clamps, 8 screws for mounting the rails onto the roof, 2 rails, 1 front part and 1 back part.

    Corab B-02 system is a photovoltaic construction dedicated for metal roof tiles. In order to make assembly easier, a special adapter has been used connecting double thread with aluminum rail and increasing adjustment range at the same time. The material used is high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. Both horizontal and vertical modules arrangement can be used.

    Rafter holder regulation - Yes