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Kabelis Top Cable TOPSOLAR PV H1Z2Z2-K (1x6 mm, red)

Kabelis Top Cable TOPSOLAR PV H1Z2Z2-K (1x6 mm, red)

Įprasta kaina €1,40 EUR
Įprasta kaina €1,40 EUR
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  • The Topsolar PV H1Z2Z2-K cable, which is TU?V certified according to IEC 62930 and EN 50618, is suitable for both fixed and mobile solar installations (solar farms, rooftop solar installations and floating plants). It is a highly flexible cable compatible with all major connectors and specially designed for the connection of photovoltaic panels. This versatile single-conductor cable is designed to meet the varying needs of the solar industry. Suitable for wet, damp and humid locations.

    Electrical performance: LOW VOLTAGE 1,5/1,5 1kV · (1,8) kV DC. 1,0/1,0 kV · (U0/U).

    Standard: EN 50618/ IEC 62930 / UTE C 32-502.

    Approvals: TÜV / RETIE / CE / RoHS.

    CPR Construction Product Regulation: Cca -s1b, d2, a1.

    Thermal performance: Max. service temperature 120°C, Max. short-circuit temperature 250°C (max. 5 s), Min. service temperature -40°C (fixed and protected installations).

    Fire performance: Flame non-propagation based on UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1, LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) based on UNE-EN 60754-1 and IEC 60754-1, Low smoke emission based on UNE-EN 61034 and IEC 61034: Light transmittance > 60%, Low corrosive gases emission based on UNE-EN 60754-2 and IEC 60754-2, Reaction to fire CPR: Cca -s1b, d2, a1, according to EN 50575.

    Mechanical performance: Minimum bending radius: x5 cable diameter, Impact resistance: AG2 Medium severity.

    Chemical performance: Chemical & Oil resistance: Excellent, Grease & mineral oils resistance: Excellent, Ozone resistant based on EN 50618, UV Resistant based on EN 50618.

    Water performance: Water presence: AD8 submerged.

    Estimated Lifetime: 30 years based on EN 50618.

    Other: Meter by meter marking, Optional: rodent-proof and termite-proof.

    Installation conditions: Open Air, Buried, In conduit.

    Applications: Solar PV installations.