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Kabelis PNTECH PV1-F (1x4 mm, red, 1 roll / 500 m)

Kabelis PNTECH PV1-F (1x4 mm, red, 1 roll / 500 m)

Įprasta kaina €338,80 EUR
Įprasta kaina €338,80 EUR
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  • TUV PV1-F Solar Photovoltaic Cable

    TUV Rheinland 2PfG 1169

    Mainly used for the connection of solar panels and inverters.

    Using high-quality tin-plated pure copper: the copper core adopts tin-plated surface, which has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, not easy to rust, and good conductivity. The interior is made of 99.98% pure copper, which has low resistance and can reduce the power loss during current conduction.

    Environmentally friendly flame retardant insulating material: The cable is made of radiation cross-linked low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant environmentally friendly polyolefin (XLPO), which is flame-retardant, high and low temperature resistant, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.