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Inverteris SolarEdge SE100K Synergy

Inverteris SolarEdge SE100K Synergy

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  • Powered by unique pre-commissioning process for rapid system installation

    Pre-commissioning feature for automated validation of system components and wiring during the site installation process and prior to grid connection

    Easy 2-person installation with lightweight, modular design

    Inverter consists of 3 Synergy Units and one Synergy Manager

    Independent operation of each Synergy Unit enables higher uptime and easy serviceability

    Built-in thermal sensors detect faulty wiring ensuring enhanced protection and safety

    Built-in arc fault protection and optional rapid shutdown

    Built-in PID mitigation for maximized system performance

    Monitored (only for DC and AC SPDs) and field-replaceable surge protection devices, to better withstand surges caused by lightning or other events: integrated RS485 and Type 2 DC SPDs, optional Type 2 AC SPD

    Optional integrated DCsafety switch eliminates the need for external DC isolators

    Built-in module-level monitoring with Ethernet or cellular communication for full system visibility