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Inverteris Sofar ESI 6K-S1

Inverteris Sofar ESI 6K-S1

Įprasta kaina €1.425,38 EUR
Įprasta kaina €1.425,38 EUR
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  • Single-phase, Dual MPPT Sofar ESI 6 kW Hybrid Inverter

    Maximize the performance of your residential solar PV system with the Sofar ESI 6K-S1 string inverter. Designed for easy installation and reliable operation, this inverter delivers 6 kW of clean, grid-tied AC power.

    Energy Storage: The Sofar ESI series inverter can be combined with Sofar BTS 5K lithium battery modules to create an all-in-one residential energy storage system. Up to six BTS 5K battery modules can be connected in parallel, enabling a configuration of 5 kW and up to 30 kWh of energy storage capacity. Sofar BTS 5K lithium batteries are available separately.

    High Efficiency Conversion: With a peak efficiency of 97.8% and European efficiency of 97.1%, the ESI 6K-S1 converts solar energy into usable electricity with industry-leading performance.

    Flexible System Design: Dual independent MPPTs allow you to connect solar arrays with different orientations or shading conditions, optimizing energy harvest.

    Robust and Weather-Resistant: The IP65-rated enclosure protects internal components from dust and water, enabling reliable outdoor installation.

    Convenient Monitoring: Built-in wireless communication enables remote monitoring and control via the Sofar mobile app and web portal.

    Safety and Protection: Integrated DC switch and AC circuit breaker simplify installation and provide added safety. Advanced anti-islanding protection ensures grid compliance.

    The Sofar ESI 6K-S1 is a versatile choice for homeowners, offering both solar power conversion and energy storage capabilities (optional) in a single, reliable system.