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Inverteris Sofar 80KTLX-G3

Inverteris Sofar 80KTLX-G3

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  • Three-Phase

    Six MPPTs

    Max. efficiency up to 98.7%

    Compatible with 500 W+ PV modules

    Type II SPD for both DC and AC side

    Supports Modbus Communication, external WiFi

    Low start-up voltage, wide MPPT voltage range

    Remote firmware upgrade

    I-V curve scanning function

    6 MPP trackers with 1.5 times DC over load

    Longtime 110% AC overload ability

    Wi-Fi included

    SOFAR's latest lightweight solution for C&I projects

    The SOFAR 60...80KTLX-G3 inverter series is SOFAR's latest state-of-the-art solution for C&I projects. Its high-end components and features make it the perfect partner for your C&I application.

    Several highlights at a glance:

    Fully compatible with high-current, large-sized 210 mm cells solar modules — for increased yields

    6 MPPTs — enabling flexible system planning

    High power density — saving installation and O&M costs

    Lightweight and compact design — for a user-friendly installation

    Supports aluminum cables — for low initial costs

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