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Inverteris Sofar 6.6KTL-X

Inverteris Sofar 6.6KTL-X

Įprasta kaina €839,74 EUR
Įprasta kaina €839,74 EUR
Išpardavimo kaina €839,74 EUR
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  • Wi-Fi included

    DC Switch integrated

    Built-in DRM port and logic

    Max. efficiency up to 98.0%

    Large 4-inch LCD

    Smart monitoring, RS485, WiFi / Ethernet / GPRS (optional)

    Over/ under voltage, over current, over temperature, anti-islanding and other multiple protections

    Compact three-phase inverter for residential PV systems

    The SOFAR 3.3K...12KTL-X inverter series is the SofarSolar’s most popular 3-phase inverter. It comes with two MPP trackers and it's eight different power classes makes the inverter the perfect fit for all types of residential PV installations.

    The inverter has 4 digital inputs ports and a CT input port for power control, enabling an easy configuration to meet the grid codes in many countries.

    A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the Sofar monitoring portal.