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Inverteris Sofar 5KTLM-G2

Inverteris Sofar 5KTLM-G2

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  • Single-Phase


    Built-in zero export function

    IP65 ingress protection

    Max. efficiency up to 98.2%

    2 MPPT high precision string detection

    I-V curve scanning function

    Built-in sound and light alarm function

    Smart monitoring, RS485

    Wi-Fi included

    Single-phase inverter with 2 MPP trackers for residential PV-plants

    The SOFAR 3K...7.5KTLM-G2 series consists of seven different power classes to meet the demands of different sizes of PV installations. With its robust IP65-design and natural cooling for silent operation, it is the perfect solution for small residential installations.

    The inverter comes with two MPP trackers and integrated I-V curve scanning function, thereby enabling more complex installations, e.g. those with shading issues or different roof orientations.

    A WiFi-stick is delivered with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the Sofar monitoring portal.