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Inverteris Sofar 125KTLX-G4

Inverteris Sofar 125KTLX-G4

Įprasta kaina €4.838,79 EUR
Įprasta kaina €4.838,79 EUR
Išpardavimo kaina €4.838,79 EUR
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  • Three-Phase

    Number of MPPTs: 10

    Max. input MPPT current: 40A

    Max. efficiency up to 98.8%

    IP66 and C5 protection

    Maximum 10 MPP trackers with 150%+ DC overload

    Type II SPD for both DC and AC

    AC / DC dual power supply redundant design, 24-hour status monitoring

    I-V curve scanning function

    Supports Modbus Communication, external WiFi

    Possesses AFCI functionality, providing a guarantee for the security of commercial & industrial roofs

    Integrated LCD display with a user-friendly interface

    WiFi included