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Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys Sofar Energy Storage Cabinet ESS-258kLA-SA1EU

Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys Sofar Energy Storage Cabinet ESS-258kLA-SA1EU

Įprasta kaina €85.910,00 EUR
Įprasta kaina €85.910,00 EUR
Išpardavimo kaina €85.910,00 EUR
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  • Sofar Energy Storage Cabinet: Versatile, Scalable and Safe Energy Storage for Commercial and Industrial Use

    The Sofar Energy Storage Cabinet offers reliable backup power and seamless integration with renewable energy systems (if needed). With its comprehensive safety features, advanced monitoring capabilities and easy-to-use design, this cabinet is the ideal choice for challenging energy storage requirements.

    Modular Design: The cabinet supports flexible expansion of both AC and DC capacity. Up to 6 cabinets can be connected in parallel on the AC side to cover a power range from 215kW to 1290kW. In addition, capacity can be increased by adding up to 3 battery cabinets on the DC side, providing 2 to 8 hours of storage capacity.

    Grid-On/Off Auto-Switch: The cabinet seamlessly switches between grid-connected and off-grid operation, enabling efficient and flexible energy management.

    Separated Electrical and Liquid Designs: Separation of electrical cables and liquid pipes enhances the overall safety of the system.

    Advanced Safety Features: The cabinet incorporates a 3-level fire suppression system (FSS), flammable gas emission control, and explosion vents to ensure the highest level of safety.

    Liquid Cooling and Anti-Condensation: Integrated liquid cooling and dehumidification systems maintain optimal operating conditions for the energy storage components.

    Intelligent Energy Management System (EMS): The multi-function EMS enables real-time monitoring, intelligent control, and quick response to off-grid situations.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance: The overall system design prioritizes ease of installation, operation, and maintenance to provide a hassle-free experience for users.