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Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys Sofar BTS E15-DS5

Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys Sofar BTS E15-DS5

Įprasta kaina €6.955,08 EUR
Įprasta kaina €6.955,08 EUR
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  • Intelligent residential energy storage system

    SOFAR's newest low-voltage battery system consists of up to 4 LiFePO4 battery modules, and one battery distribution unit.

    The battery capacity can easily be expanded through the system's modular, stackable design. In combination with click-to-connect cables, installation is both fast and user-friendly. Up to two systems can be connected in parallel, amounting to 20 kWh of energy storage capacity.

    The BTS series is compatible with SOFAR's HYD 5K–20KTL hybrid and ME 5K–20KTL battery inverter series.

    Fully modular design, convenient for installation and transportation

    Built-in battery pack balance management unit, increases battery capacity

    Flexible battery capacity expansion

    Extremely low battery self-consumption in sleep mode

    Supports one-button startup/shutdown functions

    Energy storage specially for ME / HYD 5K...20KTL-3PH inverters