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Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys OmnisPower PowerCore Utility

Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys OmnisPower PowerCore Utility

Įprasta kaina €129.228,00 EUR
Įprasta kaina €129.228,00 EUR
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  • PowerCore Ultra - Outdoor Liquid-cooling Battery System

    Commercial & Industrial Battery Energy Storage Solution

    Safety and reliability

    Precise thermal management ensures the stability of the battery system.

    Multi-level battery protection from cell to whole system and modular system ensures maximum safety.

    The disengagement lever system of the battery allows setting, turning on, and turning off the pre-alarm according to IP 55 and provides C4 corrosion protection.

    Efficiency and flexibility

    High battery efficiency and longer life thanks to one of the best liquid cooling technologies on the market.

    Extremely flexible possibilities according to the customer's needs.


    Integrated ESS for easy installation, start of operation, and maintenance.

    High availability and efficiency, which determine the economic operation of the system.

    Smart and powerful

    A combination of robust construction and smart features ensures maximum availability and efficiency.

    The smart control system provides information about the working condition.