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Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys OmnisPower PowerCore Ultra

Elektros energijos kaupimo įrenginys OmnisPower PowerCore Ultra

Įprasta kaina €87.725,00 EUR
Įprasta kaina €87.725,00 EUR
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  • PowerCore Ultra - All-in-One Outdoor Liquid-cooling Battery System

    Commercial & Industrial Battery Energy Storage Solution

    Economical and efficient

    All-in-one solution: battery block, load controller, highly efficient three-level topology BMS and PCS integrated in one device to ensure maximum system efficiency. Series connection of one group without loss in parallel connection.

    Safe and reliable

    Standard cabinet with fire insulation system, unmatched cooling by liquid, combustible material detection technology and FM200 fire extinguishing system ensure safety and good controllability.

    Smart and simple to use

    Suitable for various purposes. Compatible with 400V mains systems.

    Supports peak reduction, demand management, standby power, frequency regulation, fault monitoring, and logging functions.

    Working data can be accessed via Wi-Fi connection, 5G, LAN, and other interfaces that allow the equipment to operate in automatic mode.

    Easy to install

    Ready-to-use self-installation solution (plug-and-play).

    Flexible expansion options to meet all energy needs.