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Inverteris SofarSolar 30KTLX-G3

Inverteris SofarSolar 30KTLX-G3

Įprasta kaina €2.102,98 EUR
Įprasta kaina €2.102,98 EUR Išpardavimo kaina €2.102,98 EUR
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  • Three-Phase

    Three to Four MPPTs

    Up to 4 MPPTs with DC overload capability (up to 150%)

    Type II SPD for both DC and AC side

    Lower start-up voltage, wide MPPT voltage range

    I-V curve scanning function

    Max. efficiency up to 98.8%

    Prolonged AC overload capability (110%)

    Compatible with 500W+ modules

    Intelligent monitoring, remote operation

    Wi-Fi included